Diadèmes & Confettis a été fondé par Kariane Valade en juillet 2018 et nous désservons prinipalement la Rive-Nord de Montréal. Notre mission est de semer de la magie dans la vie des enfants en leur permettant de rencontrer leurs personnages préférés. Nous offrons des personnages de haute qualité

our mission is to create an immersive experience for children (and adults too!) where we can inspire creative thinking, kindness, sharing, friendship, hope, and so much more!  

Our character line up is achieved with the highest quality wigs and costumes available in our industry. Costumes are custom fit to our staff members and upgraded regularly for the most authentic appearance possible. Our in-house wig stylists and makeup artists help ensure that each of our characters look picture perfect for every event and party because it is always our goal that our characters look the part and are the “real deal”. Our performers go through regular training sessions to be as “in-the-know” as possible with their characters. From the perfect eyelashes and makeup to character inspired poses, from speaking like the character to singing like them, not one detail is overlooked. Our performers spend countless hours in and out of work learning to perfect their performance in an effort to truly bring the magic to you!

A huge part of what we do here at Wish Upon a Star events revolves around our community.  We have been so blessed with the support of our family, friends and community that it is our desire to give back in anyway that we can.  From school appearances to 5k runs to hospital visits, we are here to make special moments for those who need it most!  We are happy to attend charity events at no cost or low cost providing we are available.  

We firmly believe that we have the opportunity to create magic for those who need something to brighten up their day and we are so thankful to have that opportunity!  We are so blessed by the support we receive from the Spokane and CDA communities and we adore all of the amazing memories we have had the opportunity to make these last few years!

We promise that we will always put every effort into all of the details of our characters, parties and events to create the best experience for you possible! We will always focus on ways to give back to our local community but most importantly of all? We will always be thankful for the special moments we get to create with families all over the pacific northwest, we are truly blessed.

Animations thématiques  pour enfants

Avertissement : Diadèmes & Confettis n'offre pas des personnages autorisés par des droits d'auteur Nos personnages proviennent d'histoires qui sont du domaine public. Nous ne sommes en aucun cas associés avec aucune compagnie de production, parc d'amusement, studio, maison d'étition, etc. Toute ressemblance à un personnage autorisé par des droits d'auteur est purement involontaire. Si vous cherchez un personnage autorisé, veuillez contacter cette compagnie directement.